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Studio behind AI-generated Secret Invasion intro defends work

Most people think it looks bad
A hot potato: Once again, a company has admitted to using AI for a piece of work, and once again, people are angry about it. On this occasion, it's the opening title sequence for the new Disney+ Marvel show Secret Invasion that has been generated by artificial intelligence. However, the studio behind it insists that using the tool didn't come at the cost of artists' jobs.
improved google lens mobile lens healthcare

Improved Google Lens app can now unreliably check if you have skin cancer

Editor's take: In the neverending game of spreading fake news and disinformation, generative AI has emerged as a massive business opportunity for unethical tech companies. And Google wants to be absolutely the best. Lens, the company's image-based search tool, is now introducing new features that will make a lot of hypochondriac and gullible users very happy.
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